Discover four exquisitely furnished bedrooms, with one on the ground floor and three on the first floor. Each room embraces a harmonious blend of comfort and luxury, featuring AC, TVs, plush beds, and en-suite bathrooms. Most bedrooms offer a cozy seating area that overlooks the surrounding verdant landscapes and serene waters.

Curated Collection of Games

Engage in delightful moments of fun with our handpicked assortment of board games, badminton, and cricket, fostering cherished memories with loved ones.Terra Nova also boasts a classic pool table, adding an element of sophistication and entertainment to your stay.

Common Areas

As you step into our villa, you will be greeted by an expansive drawing room adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows, seamlessly merging the interiors with the vibrant hues of the lush outdoors. Sink into the comfort of an L-shaped sofa and other lavish seating arrangements. The dining area, a part of the living room, offers a tranquil space for up to six people to savor culinary delights.

All Amenities

Swimming Pool

Kids Play Equipment


Pool Table


Pet Friendly

Air Conditioning




House Chef

Board games



Secured parking

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Cleaning Staff

Security Guard

Culinary Delights at Terra Nova

When you stay with us, you’ll not only enjoy the serene beauty of the pawna lake, but also indulge in a delightful dining experience. Our in-house cook takes pride in curating a diverse menu featuring mouthwatering Indian and Chinese delicacies. From breakfast to lunch, afternoon hi-tea to dinner, we’ve got you covered with a range of delectable options.

Rest assured, our culinary offerings are prepared with utmost care using the freshest ingredients, ensuring a truly delicious and satisfying meal for you and your loved ones. Come, join us at Terra Nova and let your taste buds embark on a delightful journey! We can’t wait to serve you with warmth and hospitality during your stay.

Terra Nova House Information and Rules

Terra Nova House Information and Rules:

Pool Rules:

  • The villa has a heated swimming pool. If requested for, the heater needs to be started 24 hours prior to guest arrival ,to have pool water heated up to 30°C in time for guests arrival. Once requested, the pool heating will require to remain on for the entire stay duration ( and turning off heating request in the middle of the stay will not be entertained).
  • The pool heating option is chargeable.
  • The pool can be heated up to a maximum of 30°C, 2 degrees more than international standards. ( 28°C is the international standard for pool water temperature). It is a heated swimming pool, not a jacuzzi, so hot water should not be expected. The pool heater is designed to maintain a comfortable water temperature regardless of the ambient temperature.
  • During the monsoon the pool heating may be turned off and not provided. Please check prior.
  • Urinating in the swimming pool is strictly prohibited. Pool has been treated with a urine indicator that turns the water blue when in contact with human urine. If the pool water turns blue a cleaning charge of Rs 20,000 will be applied for draining, cleaning, sanitization, and refilling of the pool. These rules are to ensure a hygienic pool experience for you.
  • Children should be supervised while in or around the pool.
  • Please wear appropriate swimming attire and shower before entering the pool.
  • Babies need to wear swimming diapers.
  • Diving in the swimming pool is not allowed to prevent injury.
  • Food and drinks should not be carried in and around the pool.


House rules and truths:

  • The villa is located at a considerable distance from a market, so meal requirements must be planned in advance. Last-minute additional meals for more than the specified number of people without prior notice to the villa owner will not be possible.
  • Non-vegetarian food consumption is allowed.
  • Cooking within the villa’s kitchen is not allowed. A dedicated chef is available to cater to your needs.
  • Strictly no villa booking will be accepted without meals included
  • All-male groups are not allowed.
  • Pets are allowed on the property, but must not climb onto house furniture (beds, sofa, chairs). Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets indoors and outdoors. Villa staff will not clean up after the pet.
  • Please keep noise to a minimum after 10 PM.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi is available, subject to network availability.
  • Alcohol consumption is permitted. Guests to bring and consume their own alcohol.
  • Smoking and hookah are allowed only in the exterior areas of the villa.
  • Bedrooms are for sleeping purposes only. Living room sofas should not be used for sleeping.
  • Kindly remove footwear outside the villa.
  • Consumption of drugs is strictly prohibited on the premises.
  • Staff (domestic help) and drivers can be provided meals at an additional cost. Staff should eat within the designated staff room.
  • Drivers are not allowed to consume meals on the main dining table or use house furniture. Meals will be served at the seating area outside the front door or in the vehicle itself.
  • Drivers and staff are not permitted to occupy the bedrooms. A staff room is available for accommodating one staff member.
  • Drivers are not allowed within the premises of the villa, separate accommodation for the driver can be arranged at a nearby resort on a chargeable basis to be borne by the guest.
  • The staff room has an attached staff bathroom for staff use only. Drivers are not allowed to use any other restroom in the house; a provision is made outside of the house.
  • Guests are welcome to use the pool table but should not place items other than pool balls on the table to avoid damage.
  • A speed boat and 2 jet skis are parked on the premises. Climbing onto them for selfies is not allowed to avoid damage.
  • Please treat the villa with respect, as if it were your own, to avoid any rough use of the property.
  • Accurate information regarding the number of guests and occupants is crucial to ensuring a great stay at Terra Nova.


Karan Sharma
Karan Sharma
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The exteriors are superb. The location is very unique and away from the city. We had a fun time in the pool. The barbecue is a must try! It was a wonderful experience and we would love to return.
Pooja Gupta
Pooja Gupta
Read More
The food was exceptionally good. They catered to the needs of our babies as well. Caretaker and chefs were friendly. The pictures you see are representing what it actually is. We enjoyed the activities in Pawna and had a lot of fun.
Sara Hussain
Sara Hussain
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The overall stay was good, everything was as per the expectation. Staff was very co-operative. The property was clean, safe and secure. I can recommend this property to others. We had an amazing experience at Terra Nova.
Ravi Shah
Ravi Shah
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The place is very clean and location is fantastic. The staff was also good. The villa is very well maintained. We loved everything about our stay and would highly recommend it.
Anil Jain
Anil Jain
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We enjoyed our stay at Terra Nova. The villa is elegant, modern, and clean. Great staff, good location, excellent food and well-designed property. The lawn is perfect for playing games.

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